domingo, 17 de outubro de 2010

Please don't leave ME!!!

I try to forget but can not! I want you and you refuse me. I say I love you and you keep quiet. Oh, dear, Come back to me! I need your kiss your hug, I need you. Am I peopl to get back. What do you block out loving me, I wonder what goes on in your head? My god! I want you so bad either .. COME! PH, I need you, I'm no longer holding on to his absence. Do not leave me alone, do not go without me. My disispero whole is not to have you. If you knew how much I love you come back to me. I locked in my memory, I pasted a picture in the mirror in my room, I recorded his gaze. I acridito, I'm your .. who knew? The order has always forever, and I did not know! I'm silly, inconsequential, do not think, just feel. If someone said three years ago, would you leave me, and I would raise would punch them all, because I think they were wrong. I will not forget you, my love! I still keep his last kiss and valoriso by hope you'll come back, my darling, who knew? My heart needs his medicine, so please do not leave me! I always say how I do not need you.But always comes back to this point. Please do not leave me!

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